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A Random Act of Genius

An opera singer randomly performing Les Tereadors at TEDxMIA on September 13th, 2011.

Exploring the creative place between the fine lines of intellectual and emotional experience, our recent “Between the Lines” program at TEDxMIA surprised, delighted, and challenged participants on a whole bunch of levels.

A favorite blow-them-away moment came when an unexpected performance of “Les Toreadors” from Carmen cleverly interrupted philanthropist Dennis Scholl’s talk on experiencing culture anywhere and everywhere. Scholl, who is the Vice President of Art for the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, was delivering his talk on Random Acts of Culture when members of the Florida Grand Opera, who were planted in the audience dressed as everyday people, stood up and began singing. Believe me when I tell you it doesn’t get better than having the audience experience exactly what you are speaking of in real time. This soaring ride between the lines received a standing ovation.

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The 40 greatest lessons of my life

Ok, so today is the day I turn the BIG 4-0 and I couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate than by sharing the 40 greatest lessons of my life with you. Have a laugh, get inspired, and, most importantly, know that GENIUS does 40 well.

  • Life at the fringe is the only way to live it.
  • The prosperity of your ideas can withstand any economic crisis.
  • Dancing never gets old.
  • Ignite your craziest ideas—they may not be as crazy as you think.
  • Marriage is only hard if you make it hard.
  • Design each day just the way you want it.
  • Exercise, acupuncture, and sleep are mandatory for sustaining genius.
  • You are an original. Be distinctive.
  • Men who love powerful women and support them have invisible wings.
  • In relationships there can only be one frame and one picture.
  • Time is your greatest resource—use it wisely.

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TEDxMIA Watch Party tonight at The Stage

Gina tying a red rope on a local TEDster's wrist in support of the sharing of ideas.

TEDxMIA is one of a privileged number of TEDx organizations to be joining the global conversation being sparked by TED in Long Beach California. On March 2nd at 5.15pm ET. We will be hosting a mega watch party at The Stage in the Miami Design District. Attendees will be able to enjoy two sessions from TED 2011 : the Knowledge Revolution and Radical Collaboration.

We will also be tweeting and sharing the feedback on our website at Here’s to global tribes meeting locally !

Join our global conversation on twitter @tedxmia or

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Practical Genius Top 10 Lessons of 2010

1. Shut down.

The greatest lesson I’ve learned this year was the power of granting myself time for mental stillness. Carving out time to shut down for 30 minutes and tune inward does small wonders to sustain a healthy mind. Turn off the television, radio, and hand-held devices and allow yourself to physically and mentally chill. What you will quickly notice after doing this for 10 consecutive days is you will be sharper because of it. Solutions to problems will take shape in your mind, new ideas will reveal themselves, and you will also begin to enjoy greater intuitiveness. Remember, in order for your mind to create meaning it needs meaningful rest.

2. Find what you LOVE.

One of the greatest aspects of self-discovery is finding what you love. Many of us have ignored the yummy places within our hearts and minds and I have learned that if you commit to finding what you love and decide to make love to it, life as you know it changes. Ask yourself: what do you love? Is it innovation, fitness, technology, dancing, literature, travel, discovery, ideation, the environment or something as simple as food. What ever “it” may be, find “it”, act upon “it” and honor your love of “it” by investing the time to explore and enjoy “it.” As with all matters of the heart, you will know it when you find “it.”

3. Change it up.

Change is powerful and not as hard you think it is. This year I changed how I managed my time and what happened was life on every level began to change because of the direct impact of just shifting one particular aspect of it. So I want you to change it up a bit. This could mean changing how you manage your time, changing the furniture in your family room or changing what you eat – or even when you eat. It doesn’t matter which slice of your life you decide to change, just pick one aspect and commit to making the shift. When you commit to it, a domino effect for the better will happen. I promise, its powerful.

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